Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Swim Dresses Aren't All Bad

You know you're aging when you start rationalizing swim dresses.  But hey, it is what it is.  Partly due to modesty (especially since I have 2 impressionable little girls), partly due to figure flaws, my bikini days are over. Disclaimer: If I ever work hard enough to get my abs back (or back-ish) and am lucky enough to be on a tropical vacation with my husband sans kids, then I might break out a high waist number.  But until then I'm exploring all options.  I featured this one over on Tall Snob today and wanted to share the look here.  Check it out! (Sources below).

swim dress (some colors as low as $29.99!)
sandals. (Havaianas are my absolute favorite brand of flip flops!)
Other styles of stylish swim dresses here.

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Full post over on Tall Snob.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Relationship Feature

Just wanted to pop in and let you know that Joe and I were interviewed for the Relationship Feature on Quirky Brown Love today!

It includes the story of how we met, what the back cover of our love story would read, a quirky moment, and more.  A little bit of inspiration + a little embarrassment? What better way to start the week? :)
Full feature here.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to Paint Mason Jars without Chalk Paint

painted mason jars

I recently helped plan a pretty girl shower for a friend and used the event as an excuse to try painting mason jars. Am I the only one who gets random DIY projects stuck in my head? Apparently the only way to move on is to try my hand at it.  I've seen painted mason jars in many etsy shops so I figured there had to be some tutorials out there. I perused a few and decided it shouldn't be that difficult.  And it wasn't.  Sort of.  Here's what I learned:

Monday, February 16, 2015

7 Affordable Toy Storage Options

toy storage for small spaces
Last week I posted about our small space toy storage solution. Today, I'm following up with some additional affordable options plus my response to comments and questions on that post.

First, the option we use is the ikea trofast system. I received a few comments from boy mamas which make me think I should add that the bins come in a variety of colors. The last time I was at ikea there was red, green, black, pink, and clear. The frame also comes in birch wood.  I got the system after my sister-in-law purchased it for her son and loved it! It's definitely suitable for boys and girls.  A few other tips I should have added, if you go with the trofast.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Review plus a Date Night Look

Remember the last post about my hair?  It’s safe to say I've been through a few looks since then. I change my style often partly due to boredom but also due to damage. Whether I’m getting my hair straightened which is a harsh and drying process or putting it in braids which can weaken it and damage it, the results are the same: a dry and flaky scalp. The latest look my locks are recovering from? Braids.  There’s nothing better than being able to basically ignore my hair for two months (I know- you’re jealous), but now that they’re out, I’m left with a very dry scalp that needs TLC.  The opportunity to review the new Head & Shoulders Moisture Care line designed for textured hair couldn't have come at a better time.

The system includes a moisturizing shampoo, a co-wash (conditioner wash), 2 in 1 shampoo + conditioner, and a scalp soother.  Of course my first action was to take a look at some of the ingredients.  The main ingredients include almond oil, coconut essence and zinc pyrthione (which is the active ingredient that fights dandruff).  I could immediately tell from the packaging that this product is intended to moisturize. 

I read the instructions and was happy to see that you can get results with twice weekly use.  Since my hair is dry I don’t wash it daily, but this system adds moisture immediately while locking it in over time.  The co-wash portion was a bit confusing. I thought it was a standalone product but it said to use after the shampoo.  After reading the materials that came with the product I realized it could be used in conjunction with shampoo or on its own.  I've heard co-washes are the way to go since they aren't harsh like traditional shampoo and can lengthen time between washes so I was eager to try it. I was pleasantly surprised that the products smelled good.  I’ll be honest; since Head & Shoulders is for dandruff I thought it might smell medicated.  The scent wasn't overpowering but was light and fresh and I’m a sucker for anything coconut scented.   
A concern when using a conditioning product is that it will feel oily but the conditioner felt great and made it easy to comb through my hair.  I have to say I loved the scalp soother!  It really was refreshing and I could feel the coolness of it even a few minutes later as I chatted with Joe.  To avoid excessive heat, I don’t blow dry my hair so I brushed it back to let it dry overnight.  It felt and looked smooth and Genevieve kept telling me my hair looked adorable.  Head & Shoulders for the win. 
The proof is in the image above.  I mean, look at my gray and dry scalp 'before.' Yikes. The after looks so lush in comparison. And now that I got my hair did (since Missy Elliot turnt up at the Super Bowl will people finally start getting my references?!), I could focus on date night prep!  

Date Night Hair
I flat ironed my hair like usual with a slight bend.  My stylist gave me a center part for the first time at my last appointment and I loved it but was a bit afraid of the flakiness.  Not anymore.  Seriously Head & Shoulders took care of that like a boss- I’m now rockin beautiful flake free hair.  I used the flat iron to curl the sides back and used my hands to give it some volume.  Done.

Date Night Look
Now it’s time to share a date night look to match your gorgeous date night hair. There are so many pretty frocks out there but I figured I’d keep it real and share looks suitable for new mommies since I am one.  In other words, loose fitting tops and layers. 
Flake free hair thanks to Head & Shoulders means this mama is ready for date night. 


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Small Space Toy Storage Solution, Easy DIY Toy Labels, and a Peek at a Shared Kids' Room.

toy box labels
Longest blog title ever? I think yes.  Today I'm sharing one small space toy storage solution that's worked for us, how I made the labels, and since I never shared a picture of the girls shared room, I'm throwing that in too! I've discussed trying to create toy storage for a small space before. When I moved Nadia into Genevieve's room I got rid of a lot of stuff but obviously couldn't get rid of everything. I knew I needed to find something other than a typical toy box in which everything gets thrown and forgotten about. And while I love the popular toy storage ideas all over Pinterest, they don't always work in a 10x12 room that includes 2 beds, a bookshelf, and a dresser

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY Arrows Tutorial. Sort of.

I only did a few DIYs for Dax's nursery but these lovely arrows are my favorite.  This isn't a real tutorial because I didn't take "process" photos (unfortunately).  But I'd like to share the finished product and a step by step of how I did it. 
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